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Hi there and welcome to ThermoBliss! Our names are Lauren and Lucy and we started our website back in 2014 as a way to share our favourite Thermomix recipes by publishing them here and in a series of cookbooks – which you can find here. We set ourselves the goal of creating a website that focused solely on easy, family-friendly Thermomix recipes. Many of our friends and family have bought a Thermomix, but then never use it because the recipes were just too complicated, or they required expensive and hard to find ingredients. So we wanted to change all of that and convert our everyday family-favourite recipes to the Thermomix.

If you are new to our site, we suggest starting off with this post, which includes the most popular Thermomix recipes from our website last year.  If it is family dinners you are looking for, take a look at these easy Thermomix dinner recipes or you might like a copy of our best selling eBook – ‘A Month of Thermomix Dinners

One of our most popular Thermomix recipes: Chicken, Avocado and Pumpkin Risotto

One of our most popular Thermomix recipes -Chicken, Avocado and Pumpkin Risotto

Thermomix recipes, Ebooks, and so much more!

  • A whole heap of super simple, easy to make Thermomix recipes that your family will love;
  • All of your favourite regular recipes… but we’ve made them even quicker and easier to make in the Thermomix;
  • A massive range of cakes, biscuits, desserts and slices (we loooove our sweets!);
  • Quick and easy dinners… no-fuss, cheap and yummy;
  • Healthy smoothies, snacks and treats;
  • Lots of baby/kid-friendly recipes;
  • Thermomix recipes that are freezer-friendly;
  • Tips for looking after your Thermomix, keeping it looking fab and working perfectly, and;
  • A large collection of eBooks featuring all of our most popular recipes.

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And here’s what you won’t find on our website…
  • Complicated recipes (urgh…);
  • Expensive ingredients (we’d rather spend our money on shoes!), and;
  • Recipes that you can’t make while juggling a baby on your hip and trying to fold a load of washing at the same time (we’re mums… we get it!)
Thermomix Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Our Vanilla Cupcakes are a family favourite!

We’re super proud of the fact that all of the recipes on our website are free !!

But after running our website for a year, we notices that we were getting so many emails off our readers asking for eBooks (recipe books that could be downloaded from our website), so we set out to create a range of eBooks that were affordable and also contained all of our most popular recipes. The response from our readers absolutely blew us away and we’ve since expanded our range to include eBooks which range from ‘No Bake Slices and Bars‘ to ‘A Month of Thermomix Dinners‘ and for the kids ‘Thermomix Recipes for Toddlers and Kids‘.

Check out our cookbooks here

When it comes down to it, we’re just two mumma’s who love cooking and love our Thermomixers. If we can make you love yours just as much, then we’re happy!!!

So do you think you’ve come to the right place?? We certainly hope so!!

And here’s a little bit about us…

Lauren lives in Queensland and is a busy mum of three boys – Aiden, Liam and Oliver. Her TM5 gets a massive workout trying to keep up with feeding her hungry family (including her hubby!). Lauren is the queen of creating Thermomix recipes that are freezer-friendly. If you need simple and yummy dinners for your family… she’s your go-to girl! Lauren also runs her own website called ‘Create Bake Make’. Here she shares recipes (of course!), travel tips, home and lifestyle articles, craft ideas, handy kids tips and her journey as a mum.

Lucy lives in Victoria with her hubby and little boy Will. She’s been using her TM31 for several years now… but has fallen in love with it even more since the birth of her bub (hello quick and easy purees!!!). As an ex-primary school teacher, Lucy loves creating lunchbox-friendly recipes. Lucy also runs her own website ‘Bake Play Smile’. Here she shares all of her favourite sweet and savoury recipes (with both Thermomix and conventional methods), as well as a range of resources for bloggers.

Between the two of us, we have created over 1000 recipes, have over 350,000 social media followers through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest, and receive over a million website views per month. But at the end of the day, we’re just two mums who love our Thermies and adore eating ALL the food!!! Come and join us on our little foodie adventure!

Thermomix Recipes - Apple & Cinnamon Scrolls

Apple & Cinnamon Scrolls recipe made simple with the Thermomix.