10 Ways Your Thermomix Will Save You Money

10 Ways Your Thermomix Will Save You Money

If you’re thinking about buying a Thermomix, the cost can be so overwhelming. And let’s face it, nearly $2k for a kitchen appliance is kinda out of this world. BUT, and there’s a huge BUT! While the initial cost is massive, a Thermomix can save you so much money. Ever since we got our Thermomix, our grocery bill has been way cheaper, because we make so many more things from scratch. Here’s 10 ways that your Thermomix will save you money:

10 Ways Your Thermomix Will Save You Money

1. Peanut Butter

The store-bought peanut butter is often so full of additives (aka crap!) and it’s not cheap either. Buy a bag of peanuts and make your own. We make our own peanut butter using only peanuts… nothing else! No oil… just peanuts! And it tastes amazing.


Image: The Easiest Peanut Butter


2. Pizza Bases

Friday night at our house is otherwise known as pizza night. Buying store-bought pizza bases can cost a fortune and they often taste like cardboard. You can make your own in the Thermomix for around $1.00.


Image: Prosciutto, Bocconcini & Rocket Pizza


3. Yoghurt

We’re massive yogurt eaters in our house and would easily go through around 2kg a week (on my muesli, for a snack, in smoothies etc). At the supermarket, our favourite yoghurt costs around $7.00 for 600g, whereas you can make 1kg of yoghurt in the Thermie for around $3.00. That’s a massive saving for us.


4. Bread

Making your own bread, rolls, scrolls, buns and loaves can save you a pretty penny. Gourmet olive and parmesan loaves can cost around $8.00 from the bakery, and yet you can make one for around $2.00 in the Thermomix. Similarly, a dozen rolls in the Thermomix will set you back about the same cost as 2-3 rolls from the bakery.


Image: Pizza Scrolls


5. Vegetable Stock

Veggie stock is a staple in any kitchen and making your own not only saves you money, but you also know exactly what’s going into it.


6. Almond Meal

I do a lot of baking, so this one was a huge thing for me! A tiny packet of almond meal at the supermarket is so expensive (around $15.00 for 500g) and yet you can make your own in the Thermomix for just over half that cost. Plus, we always have almonds sitting in the pantry, so it’s easy to whip up a container of almond meal (and it saves a trip to the supermarket too!).


7. Smoothies and Juices

I’ve certainly been known to pop by Boost Juice for a mid-afternoon pick me up. And while I love their juices and smoothies, one drink can cost over $6.00. Using the Thermomix lets me make 2-3 juices and smoothies for the same price.


Image: 5 Healthy Thermomix Smoothies


8. Cakes and Biscuits

If you’re someone who buys store-bought cakes, biscuits and slices, then a Thermomix will save you a huge amount of money. Making your own baked goods from scratch is one of the biggest money savers.. plus they’ll taste way better too!


Image: Easy Chocolate Cake


9. Dips

We used to buy dips from the supermarket each week. But after buying a Thermomix, there’s no way I would buy them again! It’s so quick, easy and cheap to make your own.


Image: Hummus


10. Pastry

Ooh I nearly forgot this one! The Thermomix makes the most delicious pastry ever… plus it’s oh-so-easy. Best of all, it’s so much cheaper than buying frozen sheets from the supermarket. Once you’ve had Thermomix pastry, you can never, ever go back!!


Image: Olive Oil Pastry


There are so many other ways that the Thermomix will save you money… whether it’s by making your own jams, butter or even laundry powder, or by reducing your gas and electricity bills… it really can save you a whole lot of cash! Most people say that the savings they make from owning a Thermomix would mean that they would have paid it off within a year – which is pretty good considering that you’re going to get a whole lot of years use out of it!


How does your Thermomix save you money?

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  1. I’m loving the sounds of all these ways a thermomix can save you money, I would so very much love one! Hopefully one day!
    Happy fabulous foodie Fridays and happy long weekend lovely ladies! xx

  2. I totally agree. It’s so important to know what is inside your food. You could add to your list Nutella also. And icing sugar. That saved me a lot of money! xx cathy
    ps: could you give me a link for a good veggie yogurt thermomixable? My trials were always disasters!

  3. sugar. I now just buy raw sugar and make my own castar and icing sugar. I also used spend so much money on microwave rice simply because i could never get it right on the stove top or rice cooker. The thermomix does an amazing job.

    1. Post

      Absolutely!!! Love how easy it is to make our own caster and icing sugar! Just another awesome thing about the Thermie!!

    1. Post
    1. Post

      We totally agree that the Thermomix is a super expensive item! But, as our post is trying to point out, there are so many ways that you can save money using your Thermomix (and this is only a very small list of the full range of ways). We’re not trying to convince people to buy a Thermomix, but rather to show the ways you can save a few dollars if you do happen to buy one. We totally get that a Thermomix isnt everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ so to speak! 🙂

    2. I have never seen vegetable stock cooked in a food processor. Or any other cooked meal, sauce, spread, jam, soup, gravy, casserole, curry or coulis.
      Just saying.

      1. Post

        Hi GrandMa, It certainly sounds like you love your Thermie!!! Sounds like you get a lot of use out of it too! 🙂

      2. I so agree with you Grandma, I was able to get rid of so many appliances and have a Thermomix that stays on the bench and gets used every day. Worth every penny!

  4. I’m interested to know what appliances you could get rid of because you have your thermie?
    My biggest decision has to be my beautiful aqua blue kitchen aid that looks so pretty on my bench… ??. I’m so torn!!! Do I, don’t I????? ???

    1. Hi Loren,

      Oh I totally understand, I haven’t gotten rid of my Kitchen Aid because 1. I still use it for some things and 2. It looks so pretty! Thankfully I was able to give my food processor, blender, stick mixer, milkshake maker away to friends.

    2. I find I like to use my kitchen aid for cakes that benefit from whisking and adding “air”. But love my thermie and couldn’t do without it now. I’m sure they would keep each other company on your bench.

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