Thermomix Cheesy Cauliflower Rice

Thermomix Cheesy Cauliflower Rice

This Thermomix Cheesy Cauliflower Rice makes a great side dish for your family or is also a great baby food.
Course Dinners
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 13 minutes
Total Time 23 minutes
Servings 4


  • 600 g of cauliflower
  • 80 g of cheddar cheese
  • 20 g of parmesan cheese
  • 400 g of water


  1. Place both of the cheeses into your Thermomix bowl and blitz for 8 seconds of speed 8. Set aside until needed.
  2. Without washing the bowl, add the cauliflower florets and blitz for 6 seconds on speed 6 or until the cauliflower is finely chopped and resembles ‘rice’.
  3. Transfer the chopped cauliflower to your large varoma dish.
  4. Without washing the bowl, add 400g of water and put the varoma into place. Cook for 13 minutes, varoma, speed 2.
  5. Transfer the cooked cauliflower rice to a thermoserver and mix through the grated cheeses. Serve.