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Thermomix Ham Recipes

Ham is practically a staple in our house as bot of my older kids just LOVE it!  At the end of each week I like to use up the leftover ham and turn it into a meal the entire family can enjoy so today I decided to share this collection of Thermomix Ham Recipes!

Easy Thermomix Ham Recipes. Have leftover ham you need to use? This collection of Thermomix Ham recipes has something for everyone!


Our Thermomix Ham and Vegetable Slice is PERFECT for using up leftover ham and vegetables.

Thermomix Ham and Vegetable Slice


These Thermomix Ham Cheese and Zucchini Pikelets make a great savoury snack or meal.

Thermomix Ham Cheese and Zucchini Pikelets

You can’t go wrong with these Ham, Cheese and Mayo Scrolls!

Thermomix Ham, Cheese & Mayo Scrolls

Our Mini Ham and Vegetable Quiches taste great and they are freezer friendly.

A pile of mini quiches with a slice of tomato baked on top, served on a blue and white plate

We love this Thermomix Crustless Cheesy Ham and Vegetable Pie from The Annoyed Thyroid.

These Thermomix Ham, Cheese and Tomato Muffins are a favourite with my kids.

A group of muffins, made with ham, cheese and tomato, with some on a bench and some on a plate

Ok, it’s not a Thermomix recipe, but this Ham, Cheese and Corn Impossible Pie is SUPER simple to make and perfect for using leftover ham.

So there you have it, a few of our favourite Thermomix Ham Recipes to help use up all of the leftover ham.

You can find more great Thermomix dinner ideas in our ‘Month of Thermomix Dinners‘ eBook and you can shop all of our products, eBooks and printed books here.

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