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The BEST Thermomix Quiche Recipes

It really is easy to make your own yummy Quiches using your Thermomix, so we’ve put together a collection of the BEST Thermomix Quiche Recipes!!

A Collection of the BEST Thermomix Quiche recipes

I’ve always loved a good quiche recipe (mostly because they are so simple to make!) and thank goodness my boys have inherited my love of this versatile recipe.  We enjoy some version of this classic recipe each week as it’s a great meal to help fill the kids little tummies and we also usually get two meals our of one quiche.  If you’ve ever wanted to try making your own quiche at home (including making your own pastry) these Thermomix Quiche recipes are for you. I’ve included ALL of our favourites and there is really something for everyone – enjoy!


I’m kicking off this collection with my favourite Thermomix Quiche recipe, this Spinach,Bacon and Cheese Quiche is simple to make and a family favourite.

Thermomix Spinach Bacon and Cheese Quiche Recipe

Our cute as a button Thermomix Savoury Mini Quiches make a great lunchbox snack – and they are freezer friendly too.

Healthy Thermomix Savoury Mini Quiches

Our Vegetarian Quiche recipe is a great meat free option.

Thermomix Vegetable Quiche

Our  Bacon and Vegetable Quiche recipe is a family favourite.

 Thermomix Bacon & Vegetable Quiche

These mini Spinach and Cheese Quiches are another vegetarian option.

The Best Thermomix Quiche Recipes

And no Thermomix Quiche recipe collection would be complete without this classic Egg and Bacon Quiche!

Thermomix Egg & Bacon Quiche

You can find more great dinner recipes in our ‘A Month of Thermomix Dinners‘ eBook – also available in a bundle pack.

Two hands holding a recipe book - A Month of Thermomix Dinners


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