The Best Chocolate Thermomix Recipes

Love chocolate? This collection of the BEST Chocolate Thermomix Recipes is for you!

To say both Lucy and I have a bit of a sweet tooth is a MASSIVE understatement! It came as no surprise at all when I was looking through the recipes we have shared with you guys so far and an overwhelming number of them involve chocolate in some way. Some of my favourite recipes include:

 So to celebrate our shared sweet tooth today I’ve put together a collection of the best Chocolate Thermomix Recipes that are guaranteed to please all of your chocolate lovers out there – enjoy!

Thermomix Chocolate Mousse

The most decadently delicious Thermomix Chocolate Mousse… a classic favourite made super simple!
Thermomix Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Malteser Slice

Thermomix Malteser Slice is quick, easy and totally delicious!
Malteser Slice Recipe

Thermomix Chocolate Lava Cakes

For a decadent dessert, you just can't go past our Thermomix Chocolate Lava Cakes. Serve with ice-cream or cream for an absolute showstopper dessert!
Thermomix Chocolate Lava Cakes Recipe

Chocolate Chip Biscuits

The easiest and yummiest Thermomix Chocolate Chip Cookies! This is our ultimate, all-time favourite recipe!
Chocolate Chip Biscuits Recipe

Thermomix Chocolate Cake

This classic Thermomix Chocolate Cake recipe is seriously the BEST!
Thermomix Chocolate Cake Recipe

Thermomix Chocolate Tim Tam Balls

The easiest chocolate Thermomix Chocolate Tim Tam Balls made from Tim Tam biscuits, sweetened condensed milk and cocoa (or Milo) to roll the balls in!
Thermomix Chocolate Tim Tam Balls Recipe
The easiest chocolate Thermomix Chocolate Tim Tam Balls made from Tim Tam biscuits, sweetened condensed milk and cocoa (or Milo) to roll the balls in!

Thermomix Peppermint Crisp Fudge

Our Thermomix Peppermint Crisp Fudge is the perfect homemade gift for family and friends. The easiest and best fudge recipe!
Thermomix Peppermint Crisp Fudge Recipe
Pieces of Thermomix Peppermint Crisp Fudge on a plate.

Thermomix Chocolate Custard Recipe

Our Thermomix Chocolate Custard Recipe is a great special dessert or snack. It’s easy to prepare and best of all you will have all the ingredients already in your fridge and pantry.
Thermomix Chocolate Custard Recipe Recipe
How to make Chocolate Custard. A simple Thermomix Chocolate Custard Recipe

Chocolate Brownies

Delicious Chocolate Brownies! These rich and moist brownies will be a hit with the whole family!
Chocolate Brownies Recipe
Easy Thermomix Chocolate Brownies

Thermomix Chocolate Nutella Mousse

The best ever 2 ingredient Thermomix Chocolate Nutella Mousse! Eat it on it’s own or add your favourite toppings!
Thermomix Chocolate Nutella Mousse Recipe

Thermomix Chocolate Cupcakes

These Thermomix Chocolate Cupcakes are perfect for any occasion!
Thermomix Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe
Thermomix Chocolate Cupcakes

Thermomix Brownie Cookies

Thermomix Chocolate Brownie Cookies…. yum!
Thermomix Brownie Cookies Recipe
Thermomix Brownie Cookies

Easy Chocolate Ganache

A simple Thermomix chocolate ganache made using just cream and chocolate. Perfect for your favourite cakes and desserts.
Easy Chocolate Ganache Recipe
A slice of chocolate cake with a forkful removed.

Thermomix Yogo

Our Thermomix Yogo takes just a few minutes to make… and tastes just like the store-bought yogo! Made from 4 ingredients – chocolate, milk, egg and cornflour!
Thermomix Yogo Recipe
Homemade chocolate yogo.

So there you have it, a collection of the BEST Thermomix Chocolate recipes out there – which one is your favourite?

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