The cover of a recipe book - Easy Thermomix Dinners for Kids

Easy Thermomix Dinners for Kids

I’ve put together some of our favourite easy Thermomix Dinners for Kids that have been given a big tick of approval from all three of my boys.

The cover of a recipe book - Easy Thermomix Dinners for Kids

Finding recipes that our entire family will enjoy, seems to be a bit of a struggle in our house at the moment, thanks to our eight year old recently deciding that he doesn’t want to eat a lot of the foods he used to.

You can find our favourite Easy Thermomix Dinners for kids below!

Our Thermomix Rissoles are a great alternative to takeaway burgers, plus you can freeze any leftovers.

Easy Thermomix Beef and Vegetable Rissoles Recipe

Next up are our Easy Chicken Parma Bites, I do sometimes serve these on their own or with some mashed potato or rice.

Thermomix Chicken Parma Bites

These Vegetable Fritters are another easy recipe that my kids enjoy (both hot and cold) and they also have the added benefit of helping to clean out my fridge!

Thermomix-Vegetable-Fritters Recipe

Our Beef and Vegetable Pasta Bake makes a regular appearance on our dining table, I will often make a couple of batches of it at a time and then keep in the freezer for an easy meal.

Thermomix Beef and Vegetable Pasta Bake

Polenta Chips are another go to, the kids like to dip these into Tomato Sauce of course!

Thermomix Polenta Chips

Our BBQ Chicken Pasta is also another favourite and it can be frozen too.

How to make Thermomix BBQ Chicken Pasta

Of course I had to include our Thermomix Chicken Nugget recipe! I reckon two of my boys would live on these if I let them!

Thermomix Chicken Nuggets

Our Egg and Bacon Quiche is also popular, sometimes I’ll add some grated zucchini to the mixture too.

Thermomix Egg & Bacon Quiche

This Thermomix Fish Cakes recipe is a great way to use up leftovers!

Thermomix Fish Cakes Recipe

These Creamy Chicken Pies are simple to make and another yummy freezer friendly meal idea too.

Our famous Thermomix creamy chicken pies recipe with leek and bacon can now be made in the pie maker! The perfect snack or weeknight dinner.

And of course the kids love these classic meat pies too!

Thermomix Beef Pies

So there you have it, a few of our favourite easy Thermomix Dinners for Kids.

The cover of a recipe book - Easy Thermomix Dinners for Kids

I’d love to hear what your kids favourites dinners are, let us know below!

You can also find more Thermomix dinner ideas in our Month of Dinners Books (Available in 2 editions) and also our best selling 3 book family dinners bundle.

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