5 Easy Thermomix Lunch Recipes

5 Easy Thermomix Lunch Recipes

I don’t know about you, but I find it all too easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to making lunch for myself.  I find it all too easy (and boring) to stick to the same old toasted sandwiches or salad wraps.  Lately I’ve been making an effort to mix things up a little bit at lunch time and decided I’d put together a collection of 5 easy lunch recipes to make in your Thermomix to help inspire you as well – enjoy!

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5 Easy Thermomix Lunch Recipes

These Thermomix Zucchini and Chicken Nuggets are not just for the kids! They also make a yummy simple lunch for grown ups too!

Thermomix Chicken and Zucchini Nuggets

I can never stop myself from eating just one of these Cheesy Thermomx Gozlemes with Spinach and Feta, they are just too delicious!

Cheesy Thermomix Gozleme

Our Thermomix Baked Beans make the perfect easy lunch for the whole family.

Thermomix Baked Beans

These Thermomix Spinach and Ricotta Rolls are a great lunch time treat and as they are freezer friendly, you can always have some ready in no time whenever you feel like it!

Thermomix Spinach and Cheese Rolls

I often like to treat myself to a piece of yummy quiche and salad at my local cafe, however this Thermomix Egg and Bacon Quiche is so easy to make, I don’t have to go out anymore!

Thermomix Egg & Bacon Quiche

What’s your favourite easy lunch recipe to make in the Thermomix?

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  1. Love these idea! What a wealth of yummy, healthy lunch-box ideas! Now I have no excuse to say what’s for lunch? All I need to do is revisit this helpful post for a spark of inspiration.Those are absolutely wonderful ideas for school lunches and for all others as well! Such healthy, appetizing and fun ideas in a beautiful and creative presentation! Thank you for your inspiration!

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